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Oxnard Appliance Pros is equipped with latest parts, excellent support hot lines and a team of professional technicians to solve every appliance issue-related need. Our company provides quality services and equipment to give you the service you deserve.

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Our Services

Washer Repair

We’ve been working on washing machines for years at Oxnard. We’ve fielded washer complaints from clients across our area, and a few early warning signs stick out. These include: squealing or whining washer, off-balance washer, leaking basin, clothes come out wet, strange smells from washing machine, unit won’t drain all the way.

Dryer Repair

When you’ve been working with appliances as long as us at Oxnard, you’ll have seen every dryer problem under the sun. Our clients frequently call us to describe their symptoms: dryer won’t start, dryer isn’t heating up, clothes aren’t coming out dry, strange smells from dryer, noisy operation like squealing or grinding, unbalanced operation.

Refrigerator Repair

We have years of experience working on refrigerator breakdowns for our local customers. Our customers frequently come to us with complaints of their fridges not cooling down, building up ice or frost, or running noisy. Sometimes the fridge may feel hot to the touch, which indicates a problem with the interior components.

Freezer Repair

No matter where you go, you won’t find a company with more freezer repair experience than Oxnard. We’ve got the many years of experience necessary to understand and solve any freezer symptom: freezer not getting cold, buildup of ice or frost, uneven cooling, noisy operation, freezer is running hot, leaky freezer with condensation issues.

Range Hood Repair

If you need professional help with your range hood, look no further than Oxnard Appliance Pros. We’ve got the many years of experience necessary to help our clients understand what’s wrong with their range hoods. We’ve seen many symptoms over the years, including: hood not pulling air, airflow restricted, control problems, display issues on range hood, strange odors or smells when range hood is in operation.

Oven Repair

At Oxnard, we know ovens. We’ve got many years of experience working on ovens for our local, loyal clients. This means we’ve seen every symptom under the sun, including: oven not turning on, elements not igniting or heating up, burning smell when in operation, uneven heating, control problems, display issues on oven screen, door not closing.

Ice Maker Repair

At Oxnard, we’ve got many years of working with our clients on their ice maker problems. They usually call with symptoms, first, which help us understand what the problem might be. These include: ice not forming at all, ice maker not coming on, ice is misshapen or not the right size, funny tasting or odd-smelling ice, machine is running hot or noisy.

Commercial Appliance Repair

We work with small, local businesses who just need our help with one or two appliances a few times a year. They turn to us because they know we’ll treat them with the respect they deserve for serving our local community.

Our Company

We have over 25+ years of experience repairing appliances in homes and businesses. We always provide satisfactory customer experience at an affordable rate. Not to mention, we provide same day service for all your repair needs.

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    Your appliance’s maintenance is crucial to its long-term performance and quality of operation.

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    We provide warranty for all jobs done as well as being if you need any parts from our company for your appliance.

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    We provide same day service guaranteed for all our customers to fit their schedule.

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